Low Tech Learning, High Impact Outcomes

In likely each subject, the professionals like to differentiate standards versus techniques. The approaches are hints, hints and techniques that get results. When they paintings, tremendous - you do not need to know something past a way to use them. When they do not work, even though? Sometimes a moderate change in context, wording or instances can shut a tactic down. They have a tendency to be ephemeral - working simplest in positive situations and for certain times. If all you realize are strategies, you are in trouble. Principles are one-of-a-kind. They give an explanation for how the tactics work and permit you to tweak them - or maybe create new ones. They generally tend to rarely trade, whilst way of life and generation alternate around them. Amateurs like approaches because they may be easier to learn. And the definitely naïve suppose that is all they need. You can spot them on boards and at conferences, asking questions like, "how do I write a first-class-selling novel" or "what is the formulation for writing sales letters?"

Both of those questions have solutions. "Write a chapter an afternoon, at least" and "AIDA" respectively. But the ones on my own do not let you know how to write a ebook or a sales letter. They assist, certain, however they're insufficient. The handiest actual answer is to study the principles of your craft. Sure, it will take longer, it will be harder and you won't be able to practice what you examine right now. Plus, you will need to *gasp* assume for yourself - identifying a way to observe ideas is half of the work. Anyway, why am I speakme about this, in a piece of writing approximately low tech gaining knowledge of? Because in case you're an eLearning developer, there are lots of excessive tech structures available. Community video sharing, AI-pushed curation, multimedia feasts for the senses... All of them upload new equipment in your repertoire. New procedures. If you do not recognize the concepts at the back of eLearning, though, they may not assist you. The fanciest automobile can not assist the worst motive force. When you recognize the ideas, you may see a way to use these new, excessive-tech methods. You can also work round them. I've created a laugh, attractive and powerful guides the use of nothing but textual content-most effective forums. These looked like stuff from the early internet - hideous, not user pleasant and actually low-tech. And I've created them the usage of not anything however PowerPoint. When I say 'not anything', I imply no longer even which includes an trainer. It changed into self-paced, with nothing however textual content and photographs. It become fine. In fact, it was easy. When you apprehend how adults analyze, what motivates them, what is fun and engaging, what might surprise them, then the tech turns into a pleasing-to-have. The handiest element it's crucial is you understanding what you are doing. Speaking of principles... 12 standards can flip any direction (online or in any other case) from hideously dull to glowing with a laugh. It doesn't rely what the subject is or what the medium is. You can use most of them with not anything but textual content on a display - and all of them with even the handiest, oldest, free eLearning software. With Web 1.Zero forums, you have all of the tech you want.